Sunday, May 12, 2013

Dogpatch Boulders

Took the kiddo to climb at Dogpatch Boulders today. One of, maybe the biggest, bouldering gym in the country, it's got a great kids area and more than enough structures and routes to entertain all skill levels of climbers. Truly amazing place with ample bike parking and easy access to food and public transit. Well worth the trip out to Dogpatch. One of the best things I heard that day was my five year old girl saying, "I want to climb forever and never get tired!" Me too!

It was great to climb with her and share something I'm passionate about with such a young soul giving her the opportunity to either pursue it or not as she see's fit. Every chance I get I expose her to something new simply to make sure she knows what is out there in her world  and that if she wants to she can in fact chase after things and that with very few exceptions, everything is obtainable if you set your mind to it.
How cool is that? 

Climbing with a little one is also a great way to hone your skill as an adult. The demands for safety and focus are intense and it's a "no fail mission" sort of thing. You simply have to be there, present and on top of things. It also or at least it should, force you to pay greater attention to the example you are setting. Each move you make shows your little progeny how it's done, better think twice and show them right.

Climbing is a great way to spend the day with a kiddo no matter how you figure it. Now I just need to hang in there and keep her interested until she's big enough to be my belay partner!

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