Saturday, July 17, 2010


Another awesome food day today. Our plum tree has been in season for about a week now and I was able to put up five quarts today. I missed it last year altogether as we were out of town. I even got enough last week to make a nice loaf of bread and share about a dozen plums with friends.

I also picked up a couple pounds of pork belly and my friend Morgan was kind enough to give me some curing salt. So, in about a week I'll be ready to smoke fresh bacon! Crazy excited and can't wait to try it. I'll also be posting a step by step Instructable as soon as it's ready for a taste test.

Friday, July 16, 2010


Recently had a conversation about huarache sandals and after looking into them decided they were just too simple to not try them.

They were easy to make and far more functional than I expected. Though, given that people run radical distance races in them it should have been a given. A bit tricky to tie but other than that they rock.

I used leather rather than the currently popular Vibram sole material. I also used paracord instead of something softer. This was supposed to tear up my feet but it works just fine.

Hiked around San Francisco, out and about in the bay area and on trails near Scottsdale Arizona all with good results.

You can check out this Instructable if you'd like to make your own!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Publication in Elephant Magazine!

Seems these magazines are a bit tough to find in the States but have a look the next time you are at your favorite NYC bookstore for the summer issue of Elephant Magazine. It's a great art magazine and the current issue even has a four page spread with six of my images and a very nice interview. I'm more than pleased to be a part of such a great publication!

I'll post a couple photos as soon as I get a chance to upload but here's a link to the magazine website.