Thursday, October 7, 2010

Potting soil for carnivorous plants!

I've always liked carnivorous plants. Who doesn't think Venus Fly Traps are cool? So, I recently decided to give growing some another shot. I've killed a number of them in the past and thought it'd be a great opportunity to share what I learned after digging in and sorting out why. As it turns out there are two major factors in keeping carnivorous plants, water and soil. Sounds simple enough? Not really.

Carnivorous plants are even more sensitive than the orchids I used to keep. You've got to keep them wet and in a humid environment but you also need to be sure and only use distilled water or rainwater that is known to be clean and contaminant free. RO filtered water is alright but the filters are costly and you could kill your plants if they fail and you don't notice in time. Distilled water is cheap and widely available anyway so there's little excuse to not use it.

The essential soil mix is a 1/1 ratio of pre-wetted peat moss to clean sand that won't leach minerals or untreated perlite. on the surface it's just that simple but if you'd like to read more you ca check out the full step by step Instructable here.

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