Sunday, October 12, 2014

Ross road bike project

Here's a (terrible) photo of the next build. It's a mid 70's lugged steel Ross road bike. It has nice looking geometry and just enough patina to lend it some character without being overly beat up. There are a couple things that will need to be straightened out but I'm looking forward to another everyday rider. I'll be kitting it out with a much more recent road bike as the donor for most of the missing parts. Very little will be new but it should be a fun bike. Otherwise known as functional and won't make me cry if some thug makes off with it. Though, I am increasingly careful of using multiple locks and near paranoia regarding neighborhoods where I lock up my bikes even for "a minute". 

I'm unexpectedly excited about this one. Must be some random nostalgic memory getting dredged up. Consider this my "before" photo and wish me luck piecing it together! 

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