Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Big Basin State Park

Almost at the top
Had a fantastic time in Santa Cruz last weekend on an overnight ride in Big Basin State Park. There were about nine riders hucking bikes up and down the mountain. The ride was pretty rough, my Bianchi is broken awaiting parts for repair, but well worth the effort even if I did a fair amount of walking and carrying my decidedly cool loaner bike from Volagi. Mountain bike were invented for terrain like Big Basin and I had trouble keeping up on a cross bike. Though among the world class riders I was with I'd likely have had trouble keeping up anyway.

Probably the tamest trail there
It was absolutely stunning scenery and the park had great "tent cabins" I was lucky enough to stay in. We had stoves in the cabins and exposed rafters so I took the opportunity to use my ColorCloud hammock. We only stayed one night and it was hard to leave the next day.

Swank Volagi
I've been a roadie for years now but I used to be a pretty dedicated mountain biker. Among other things this trip has me considering trail riding again. It might be time to visit Bicycle Kitchen and build up something interesting. They never seem to have much in the way of road bikes in their project pile but there is usually a cool old mountain bike or two ready to be brought back to life. Who knows, maybe I'll find a replacement for my much loved early 90's Stumpjumper M2.

Photos courtesy: Dennis Barcelo

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