Monday, March 4, 2013


I seem to be turning up a lot of bicycles lately, some "better" than others, all of them interesting in one way or another. This one is a really decent 90's vintage bike from the defunct Corsaro bicycle company. Not a lot of info on these but there are a fair amount of them around. Solid bikes with reliable steel frames a couple sources say were made for them by Giant. The only real issue with mine is that it is about one frame size too big for comfortable standing height over the top tube. Other than that it would make a great daily rider I would enjoy rolling and not panic over locking up outside from time to time.

I was holding out on it for a while but with the impending arrival of a vintage Bianchi, I'm up to five velos and out of space. The 28" wheels are a hassle, a minor one and still reliable, but combined with the frame being too tall for me it'll be the first on my list to go and make room for new projects.

Having had a tough time finding info about the bike I'll do my best to post something with enough info and photos to be useful for others who may be looking.

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