Thursday, February 7, 2013

Of Archaeology and Marshalltown trowels

I recently started applying for archaeology jobs again. Aside from just missing it, archaeology was my first real career path after blacksmithing and my favorite Marshalltown trowel that's been with me since my first field school was one of the random things I brought with me when I moved west. It's long since been put back in storage safe but not easily accessible. After writing a few cover letters for archaeology work I started to wonder if I could find another drop forged trowel as the last time I knew, Marshalltown had stopped making them. Low and behold they are back in production, looks like for at least a little while now and have added an "archaeology sheath" to the offerings. I wouldn't have thought we bought enough of them to warrant that kind of love but I'll welcome it. After, I don't know how many, hours digging very precise holes, Marshalltown trowels were the only ones that lasted. I was part of more than one foray into town searching out trowels in flea markets and old hardware stores that might still stock one or two.

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