Friday, January 18, 2013

Evolution Beanie

I've been knitting for about a year and half and I'm a year in to my career as a fashion designer. That has given me both new skills and a chance to hone my craft toward a couple of iconic items I want and use quite a bit. In this case it's a slightly modernized version of the voyageur caps of my childhood. The most recent evolution of both my knitting and development of that voyageur update came together about six months ago when on a whim I went to a Wes Anderson double feature and decided to knit a red hat while watching Life Aquatic. I got both my update and a Jacque Cousteau worthy red hat.

"Then this guy was all, Not the face!"
This red one was the first really great hat I knit and now with half a dozen more under my belt I think I'm getting it down. It takes a lot longer than my earlier hats because I'm now using only worsted weight wool, meaning around 5200 stitches per hat, but that just seems to be the sweet spot.

A single skein of worsted weight wool usually makes one hat. Cast on 96 stitches using 16" number 8 circular needles. Knit about 9" for the body, then 2" of ribbing before binding off. Then simply gather and stitch the top closed. Nothing to it. A great hat even first time knitters can make.

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