Friday, January 27, 2012

Literally Literary

I've started a couple of novels, not reading them but writing. I don't think I've actually scrapped one yet but I can say for the first time, I'm in range of completing one. Nearing 100 pages in, that's a respectable third of the way plus a bit more for a first novel according to a number of internet sources.

I decided to post a little about it, no spoilers, for a couple reasons. First is that even if I stop at "novella" length, not likely as the story isn't finished, 100 pages is still a lot. Second and more important reason is that I feel that putting it out in the open that I'm writing a novel and I'm a third of the way there will at least somewhat bind me to finish it.

So there, I've said it, as openly as it gets and I'll post on Facebook as well when I'm two thirds finished. Here's to going big or going home.

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