Sunday, October 2, 2011

My bike!!

Coolio Japanese Jeep branded MTN bike. 
Last week my much loved and often abused "vintage" Stumpjumper M2 was stolen. Im still a little miffed about that but it's long gone and there's no use crying about it now, not exactly productive or proactive. Sadly, it got snatched after I put brand new Conti slicks on it but I did take my saddle and seat post with me, imagine my surprise.

So, now I'm in the market for a cross bike or a decent road bike and currently riding a cushy, if heavy, full suspension Japanese mountain bike given to me until I find a replacement.

It's a Jeep branded bicycle, something not so unusual in Japan where brands like Jeep and Coleman have a much wider range of logo laden outdoor gear, both having mildly elevated status due to the exotic import factor. Coleman used to make some really nice things for the US market as well, even if it was long ago eclipsed by the likes of North Face, Patagonia, REI and other more upscale marks.

So far I've swapped the stock post and saddle for my Specialized gear and shaved about a 32nd out of the valve stem opennings so the rims will take standard size tubes. The tubes that were on it were long ago dried out and flat with no suitable replacement in the US. Ill do what I can to further upgrade it before I give it back to my friend but for now it's presenting a good learning experience for my rigid frame trained reflexes, not pretty in a couple of less than sharp turns yesterday. Nothing like very publicly bailing into a mailbox to put your ego in check.

...and it does look kinda cool.

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