Friday, February 11, 2011

Flat tire...

Things like flat tires happen to any bike but with old bikes you often discover other things in the course of fixing something like a flat tire. In this case I made it just to the service center by putting some foul smelling messy fix flat into the tire. The tube was predictably, "an odd size" and had to be ordered. OK, good to know. Then it was discovered that the rear brake wasn't out of adjustment as had been suggested by another mechanic but rather in dire need of new break shoes.

So, after only a couple weeks it's back on the road with a new tube and some real stopping power. Wish there was a better way to protect from road hazards than "being careful". I will be adding a tube patch kit to my on board tools but I'm not sure it would have helped in this case as the tube was damaged in a couple places because the screw was so long. Actually, I doubt that even something like self sealing goo would have helped. At least it was the rear...

Happy to have it back on the road again either way.

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