Saturday, January 15, 2011

The bad coil

I've got a few hundred post resurrection miles on the DT now and it's still going strong. I was skeptical about the small displacement at first but it's proving to be less of an issue than I guessed. In less densely populated areas it might still be an issue but in a city where you rarely get over 24 or 30 miles an hour, even in the outlying areas, it fine. In many ways it's somewhat better. Narrow, torquey, quick off the line, all good things. The brakes still need to be adjusted for non-dirt riding but as a whole it's really proving itself.

All this time and aggravation and the offending bit was the unassuming lighting coil seen in the photo. I may have to rewind it just for the sale of having done it.

Still searching out an old toaster tank. Two gallons doesn't get you very far on a gas guzzling two-stroke monster, even if it is only a little monster. I would never have guessed it'd be as bad on gas as it is. Right at 30mpg in the city and that's not even a tuning issue. It's factory spec!

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