Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Mechanical Mayhem Continues...

Wow, I'm all about making this motorcycle project work but it's turned systemic and it's one thing after another now. The gasket I made works great, got the new battery installed and made sure the points and condenser were dry using a hair dryer but there's still no spark. The most odd part of this is that it just sort of went bad sitting there. I'd understand if the thing was being run hard or even just run. Maybe points are just that finicky.

Borrowed a couple tools I needed and will boldly dig into the next scary unknown bit. It's not that big a deal but it's once again new territory for me. I read about it, asked people in the know and watched some videos, not much left but to just do it. (I'm a big fan of due diligence on just about everything.)

Worried that when changing the bars I may have grounded out the kill switch wire. That'd make sense if the ignition cover didn't have so much water in it. At least I have the most likely parts needing to be replaced and all but a couple tools. A little intimidated by the timing adjustment as well since it requires pulling apart yet another chunk of the engine but I guess it has to be done...

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