Monday, March 14, 2011

Feral VS wild

Something worth noting about wild edibles, especially in the San Francisco area, is that many of them, while arguably wild now, are feral food crops brought here by early settlers and explorers.

The wild onions I wrote about are good example of a native species but other things like Dandelions, Nasturtiums, Fennel and the escargot(snails) that I'm working on articles for are all feral and considered by many ecologists, invasive species. Up at Point Reyes there is even a campaign to rid the area of the fennel that was introduced by the Spanish. I'm sure there are other plants and animals that many would prefer go away, especially pigeons, but for those inclined to forage they'll be welcome at least a little longer and you can take comfort in knowing you are doing your part to clean up those culinary invaders.

So, for purposes of these articles I'll refer to all of them as "wild" with the caveat that some are actually feral. I'm including the snails if I ever get to them, even though they are animals, because they move about as fast a plants and they're too good not to eat.

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